Know the temperature and the changes of it any time

World´s first wearable in-ear thermometer

patent pendingmedically approvedwearable 24/7

Continuous monitoring is Key

Measuring technology inside degree°

Transparent Rendering showing the technology inside the wearable fever thermometer - degree.

Patent pending
medical technology.

degree°´s technical accuracy is ± 0,1 °C. Empiric study assured the exact placement of the temperature sensor and approved our algorithms.

degree is a wearable thermometer for children fitting savely and simply taking the temperature all the time, like pediatrists recommend.

Fitting childrens´
ears perfectly.

Kid´s acceptance to degree° is field-tested. All parts are fixed but adjustable. Childrens´skin and anatomy cherished day and night.

Design Sketch of degree thermometer showing the microsize and lightweight construction.

Microsize of 4x4 centimeter
and 5,4 grams.

degree° is mastering wearable vital sign sensors with german engineered design and 10 years of R&D work.

the new degree therometer records data only on device and is transmitting data only on demand. No streaming.

On device data recording,
on demand data transmission.

Lowest radiation possible. The Data is recorded directly on the device and only sent, if needed. No streaming, only selective low energy data transmissions.

One time fitting of degree thermometer to Anne´s ear is easy and user friendly.

One-time fitting,
non-stop measurement.

Easy to adapt and not being harmful degree° ensures an undisturbed recovery. Take the temperature 24/7 with skin-friendly material and a secure fit.

Rendering of degree thermometer in it´s on-the-go charging pod always offering over 5 days of battery life.

5+ days of battery Life
and on-the-go charging pod

Effective engineering and clever data transmission is minimizing the energy usage. degree° will always be ready for use.

An industry breakthrough

Accuracy and Ease of Use

Accuracy and convenience are essential to a continuous monitoring of your child´s body temperature during fever.
So far, medical thermometers are not offering both necessities.
degree° is giving you the confidence you need in times of fever. Make decisions based on reliable data.

Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers may be technically accurate but enable only a one-time measurement and are uncomfortable.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are very difficult to use properly. If the infrared light does not hit the eardrum the values are highly inaccurate. Also, it just enables a one-time measurement, too.


degree° is taking the temperature continuously and in a very convenient way. Placed inside the ear canal it has an accuracy of ± 0,1 °C.

Compare the degree thermometer with digital and infrared thermometers
Taking the temperature with degree inside the ear is he best place - near to the hypothalamus.

Why taking the temperature
inside the ear?

The body´s own temperature sensor, the hypothalamus, is located in the brain region near the ear drum.
Thus, taking the temperature in the ear you see the same temperature than your body´s regulating system.

degree° is using a patent pending and medically recognized technology to take your child´s body temperature inside the ear canal.
This region is the most responsive to temperature changes.

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Together with you and your support we can reduce uncertainty and stress in the lives of many parents.

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