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Trust in the experience of Johannes and Greta Kreuzer, founder of degree and parents of three.

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Our personal Story

My name is Greta Kreuzer. I am an innovations manager and mother of three. Together with my husband Johannes, who is a PhD medical engineer, we founded cosinuss°. We are developing first-in-class wearable sensors to monitor several relevant vital signs from inside the ear.

The turning point

One day our three year old daughter suffered from a viral infect causing high fever that sud­denly led in to a febrile seizure. Greta sat at her daughter´s bed, taking the temperature every hour. But still she could not see the seizure coming. The reason for the febrile seizure was not the absolute temperature, but the fast rise of it. And that happened between two measurements.

Anne, Lia und Janosch our children were our inspiration for creating degree the wearable in-ear fever thermometer.
The degree thermometer wraps perfectly around a child´s ear and is wearable day and night displaying a steady body temperature measurement inside the degree app.

Our motivation

This incident didn´t let us rest. As we recognized that febrile seizures are quite frequent and not just an incident in our family we put everything on finding a perfect solution for this problem. Parents should be enabled to see the whole temperature curve of their child during fever in order to be able to manage fever more relaxed and without stress. degree° – a very practical helper.

degree° is nothing, without them

The Team

  • Greta Kreuzer
    Greta Kreuzer
    An entrepreneur by heart, mother and perfectionist who loves to create and spread new things.
  • Johannes Kreuzer
    Johannes Kreuzer
    An experienced medical engineer, father and guitar fanatic on a mission to use his God-given gifts to help others by creating meaningful things.
  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams
    A scientist by heart, perfectionist and proud father, Tim is using his brains to bring the sensing ability of our devices to perfection.
  • Leo Lorenz
    Leo Lorenz
    A passionate electrical engineer with lots of experience that he uses to constantly improve products. Leo is also father, tea drinker and an archer.
  • Gerrit Schweiger
    Gerrit Schweiger
    The Design Guru himself, creating awesome things. Great design, art, food and ease are his passion.
  • Tomas Kristof
    Tomas Kristof
    Social media is in his blood, data and analytics are his passion. Introducing Tomas, the marketing expert with brains.
  • Thomas Höller
    Thomas Höller
    The very promising newest member of our team. Thomas is an electrical engineer, fitness lover and pizza and noudles stasher. From South Tyrol, not Italy!
  • Dallida Bentele
    Dallida Bentele
    She is the right hand. A mother and the high spirits in person with an Italian temperament. You will want to call our support more often just to talk to her.
  • Johannes Apfelböck
    Johannes Apfelböck

    Very promising Freshman amongst the Masters of Development. Besides being a passionate engineer, Johannes developes his e-guitar skills.

  • Ralph Heim
    Ralph Heim

    Our Bachelor. Regarded as able to marry. Ralph is a medical engineer, Triathlete and highly open-minded guy.

cosinuss and degree is an award winning team in an innovative technology start-up.


Award winning Team

With these insights and our German Design Award winning team at cosinuss° we developed a now patent pending and medically recognized technology. Already in Use for wearables in the medical sector. With the degree° this technology is now available for home use.

United we deliver to you a design that immerses you in the comforting feeling of being able to know when your child needs you most. The way it should be when it comes to caring and healing.

degree and cosinuss is working together with international medical research labs and universities.

medical research

Working together

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with world-class universities, respected medical centers and health-tech designers to develop the very best and most comfortable continuously measuring fever thermometer.

Our Technology is already in use in preemptive pediatric clinics, during heart surgeries, in Allied Health Centers and Body Temperature and Fluid Labs.

Jan Frodeno, professional triathlete, is using the predecessor of degree the cosinuss one to monitor his body temperature in realtime.


The company behind degree°

cosinuss ° is an advanced technology company based in munich, germany. We are building body sensors, algorithms, and data for people who are pushing their bodies. The cosinuss° in-house technology enables you to continuously capture multiple vital signs conveniently and accurately from within the ear canal.

Our child Anne is wearaing a degree in-ear thermometer showing a continuous body temperature curve.

Join us on our journey

The Timeline of degree°

Based on more than 9 years of research & development work in the field of wearable sensors, degree° is a masterpiece of home health technology and ergonomic design. Check out our Timeline. This is a major industry breakthrough that will make the life of parents easier, reducing uncertainty and stress especially during the nights.

Pre-order degree° on Indiegogo

Indiegogo is an internet platform on which developers can crowdfund their innovative ideas.  
A community of people believing in degree° can bring parenting to the next level.
Together with you and your support we can reduce uncertainty and stress in the lives of many parents.

We are live on Indiegogo.
Please support us and don´t miss our best offers of degree°.

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We would love to answer all your questions to our degree° in-ear thermometer.

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